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It is a big decision to replace your HVAC system just like purchasing a vehicle or a home. We at Preferred try to make financing as easy as possible for our customers. In just 3 steps you can get a decision on your application in as little as 10 minutes.

We offer 2 easy financing options (12 months same as cash and 8 years at 9.9%). We feel these 2 options represent the best options for our customers. Most customers who don’t have the cash but will soon choose the 12 months same as cash to pay it all off in a year. The fixed rate of 9.9% is one the lowest in the industry with a payout over 8 years and no pre-payment penalty so you can pay it off earlier if you want.

In Step 1 you enter which loan type you want and amount to finance. As you enter the amount it tells you the specifics of the loan you selected. On the 9.9% fixed rate loan it will tell you monthly payment, term and interest rate. Click on the button for “I am not a robot” then click on the Continue button.

Step 2 Enter your personal information: Name, address, email address (where they will send the electronic documents to), home and mobile phone numbers (if you only have a mobile enter mobile number in the home phone box), Social security number, Date of birth, annual household income, income type, housing type. If you don’t a have co-applicant enter no else yes and enter their info just like above. Click the “Generate loan application” button. If for any reason you entered any incorrect information the screen will highlight it that it is incorrect, letting you know it needs to be changed.

Step 3 Accept and ESign: This screen will display the credit limit, loan type, monthly payment and personal information. Read and click on all the check boxes then type your name in the last box (it tells you what you have to enter) then click “Submit Application”.

All documents will be sent to the email address you entered on the application. And your done!

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