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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Why is regular AC maintenance necessary?

AC systems are one of the most intricate and complex configurations inside a home.

The average AC system in Florida runs for 30% of the year. The hardware consists of many different components: small, large, mechanical, electrical, motorized, chemical, and possibly even programmable parts. All of the hardworking parts need to be checked and maintained to prevent problems, catch problems early, and extend the life of your system.

The Department of Energy (DOE) and AC manufacturers recommend regular AC maintenance. In fact, all manufacturers require annual maintenance to maintain their warranties. When filing for a claim with home insurance companies, they will likely want to see proof that you’ve had regular maintenance. At the end of the day, the biggest reason to have maintenance is the numerous benefits that you as a homeowner receives.

What are the benefits for me as a homeowner?

You may save up to 30% on your electrical bill, according to the DOE. In other words, the money used to pay for maintenance would otherwise be used to pay your electrical bill.

Repairs are costly and inevitable. However, maintenance reduces the risk of costly breakdowns by as much as 95%. The hundreds of dollars you could’ve spent on repairs is now the hundreds of dollars you have in your pocket.

You’ll breathe fresher air. Just as your floor gets dirty by walking on it, the parts in your AC system get dirty from microbes when the air circulates. A good technician cleans the system’s parts, check for severe buildup in unreachable places, and recommend solutions for those places. 

When our technicians go to your home, you can ask them all the questions you want. Your peace of mind is apart of your comfort. You shouldn’t need to worry too much about staying comfortable or breathing fresh air or AC problems. Maintenance is all about relieving you of stress concerning your AC system. We believe you should stay comfortable from the moment you walk into your home to the moment you leave all year around without giving up an arm or leg for it.

Preferred Mechanical rewards homeowners who have maintenance done in the first year of installation by giving them an additional year of labor.

How often should I have maintenance?

Manufacturers recommend maintenance twice a year in Florida.

With 35 years of experience in the industry, we also recommend it for the same reason why mechanics recommend an oil change for every certain number of miles. Maintenance keeps your system running efficiently and provides benefits for homeowners. The frequency and severity of use are two of the biggest factors that determine how many times maintenance is needed per year. Since the cooling season is approximately eight months long and the humidity is consistently high, the hardware works much longer than it would in other states. To see optimal benefits for maintenance, twice per year is ideal. Once per year is still better than no maintenance at all.

What time of the year should I have maintenance?

Florida’s cooling season is really long. For some perspective, the average temperature in April is 81ºF and the average in October is 84ºF.

Some homeowners prefer having their first appointment as soon as they start cooling their home while others prefer waiting a few weeks. We recommend having all systems checked and cleaned before the peak of the season. Just be mindful that time flies. A Preferred Mechanical representative will call every 6 to 7 months to schedule your second appointment.

The second appointment should happen in the fall or winter. Some homeowners prefer a week or two before they turn off their system. Others want their system checked and cleaned around the time they turn on the heat within the coming or going weeks of the holiday season. Quite a few others cool their home throughout the year, and therefore prefer a simple 6-month plan.

Is there a visual difference between a well-maintained system versus one that isn’t?

Yes. AC systems should look new even after 5 years with regular maintenance appointments. If you haven’t had regular maintenance but you start to do it, then you should start to see a visual difference within the first year. Indoor air quality products such as UV lights help keep systems clean too.

Does Preferred Mechanical ever have any special deals on maintenance plans?

Yes. New customers can check for special offers on our website and in flyers. You may also call and ask about our special offers. We are honest and upfront about what we offer and are more than happy to help you save money.

We also give special savings and deals for customers who purchase our Preferred Mechanical Maintenance Agreement.

How long does maintenance usually take?

Our technicians inspect and clean the system thoroughly. They may need to replace filters and other parts. You should expect 60 to 90 minutes per system.

Can I watch your technician?

Absolutely! Our technicians are friendly and personable. They are happy to answer any of your questions and concerns. Let them know if a room isn’t cooling or heating properly, so that we can address the problem and aren’t stuck unhappy. Your comfort matters to us.

Can the technician change my filters?

Yes. Please either provide the filters yourself or give us the size of the filters you need. Additional charges may apply. If you haven’t scheduled an appointment with us before, let the office know that you would like the technician to change your filters.

How often should I change my filters?

You should change your filters every three to six months. If you have pets, cook a lot, or have consistent drain line buildup then you should consider replacing monthly or at least more frequently.

Can the technician replace my UV light or REME-halo cartridge for me?

Yes. If we haven’t been to your home, let the office know what brand and type you need and the technician will replace the part for you.

How can I set up my first appointment?

Call the office (727-937-9111) and say that you would like to set up a maintenance appointment. Feel free to ask questions. Most calls for maintenance last only 5 minutes. We will ask for your information (name, phone, address, email, referral) and a good day to schedule the appointment. We will try to accommodate you as best as we can.

Will Preferred Mechanical call me when my system is due for maintenance?

Yes. When you are due for an appointment, you will receive a phone call and possibly an email if you don’t answer the phone. You may ask to receive text messages as well.

What is the difference between maintenance and a diagnostic service?

A diagnostic service call is when your system is not cooling or heating, sounds funky, or leaking water. Preferred Mechanical will service you the same day, and if possible, get your AC up and running.

Maintenance is a routine checkup and cleaning to prevent problems from happening. These appointments are usually scheduled at least a few days in advance.

Simply let us know what you need or want and we can schedule the appointment.

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